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Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental Services

  ​​We provide a wide variety of environmental consulting services. While our specialties are listed here, we may be able to assist you with other environmental or ecological services. Let our over 30 years of industry experience help you reach your goal.

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Shoreline Protection

With fluctuating Lake Michigan water levels and erratic weather patterns, erosion has become a real issue for many lakefront property owners.  


We have extensive experience assisting homeowners and contractors obtain permits for various shoreline activities including dune restoration, regrading, and “hard” shoreline protection using riprap revetments and sheet steel seawalls.

Critical Dunes & High Risk Erosion Site Evaluations

It can be difficult to know how to begin a project within the EGLE designated Critical Dune & High Risk Erosion areas.

We recommend a preliminary site evaluation to determine the feasibility of a project within your properties regulatory zone.

Permit Application Assistance

With regulation knowledge and years of permitting experience, we are able to obtain permits from various regulatory agencies in the most efficient manner possible. This allows clients to finish projects on time and within their budget. 


Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Township, County Health Departments, etc.

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Wetland Delineations

Throughout Michigan, many wetlands are regulated by various local, state, and federal agencies. Knowing the size and location of a wetland on a property is crucial prior to purchase or moving forward with development.

Wetland Mitigation, Restoration Design, Monitoring and Construction Observation

When wetland impacts are unavoidable, permitting agencies often require compensatory mitigation. 

We provide assistance through the entire mitigation process to ensure all agency requirements are achieved.

Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Assessments

Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental evaluates project sites for habitat that may be utilized by Federally and/or State threatened or endangered species.

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