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Wetland Mitigation, Restoration Design, Monitoring, and Construction Observation

 Wetlands provide shoreline protection, temporary flood storage, removal of excess nutrients and sediments from ground and surface water, and play a significant role in maintaining a high level of biological diversity. They are important for outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, canoeing, birdwatching, and more.


Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental Wetland Services

Wetland Mitigation and Restoration Design Assistance

Wetlands provide many beneficial roles that help both the public and the environment. Mitigation is often required by EGLE and Corps to replace the values and functions of the wetlands that will be impacted by a proposed project.

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Wetland Mitigation Construction Observation

Constructing successful wetland mitigation areas is a delicate and sensitive process. We work with both the engineers and contractors to ensure that these areas are designed and constructed to meet the performance standards required by EGLE and Corp and be self-sustaining for the long term.

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring

Part of the mitigation process for the EGLE and the Corps is yearly monitoring. These agencies require that a mitigation area is professionally monitored yearly to quantify specific criteria that determine the success of the newly created wetland.


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