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Wetland Determinations and Delineations

Wetlands are protected by various local, state, and federal laws. Our delineations provide clients with the exact location of all wetlands within their project sites. 

Do you think there is wetland on your property?

Contact us to learn more about our services and get a quote for a site evaluation of the property. 

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, or if you are looking into purchasing a property, Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental can determine the presence of wetlands on your site along with their potential regulatory status.



Knowing the location of wetlands on your site will allow for a smoother development planning process. Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental’s team of experienced professionals can conduct these preliminary wetland determinations and/or wetland delineations.

EGLE/Corps REgulatory status and Permitting

Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental has extensive knowledge of permitting and regulatory issues. We use this knowledge to provide creative solutions to help achieve our clients project and development goals. We can help you in obtaining EGLE, Corps, City/Township, and County permits. 

Our Projects

 Peterson & VandenBerg Environmental Conducting a Wetland Delineation in Holland, Michigan

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 Adrienne Peterson Flagging a Wetland

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